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I'm pretty "chill" when it comes to dealing with things that I have no control over and not letting it bother me. While I enjoy a friendly, competitive match and certainly enjoy winning, tennis isn't my end all, be all in life and my actions both on and off the court reflect that. Things like cheating and how far I have to drive for a tennis match don't bother me enough to make me act immaturely or unprofessionally in response.

Yes, it is sad that ALTA can't tell the difference between real allegations and poor sportsmanship/sore losers. Look at the bright side: it sounds like you certainly made such a strong enough impression on your opponent that he accused you of "cheating" and reported it to ALTA.

I view that as a compliment of sorts. I hope my tennis game progresses enough to the point that others accuse me of "cheating" LOL.

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I think you will enjoy it for the most part. It's just the longer you play and learn and see what's going on, you will see that it's like any other league, It has it's flaws and you have to learn what you can and can't deal with. Again, I actually like it.
I also learned a few years ago, that they will spend time investigating any allegation without any real justification. We played a team out of Forsyth a few years back in the playoffs. They went crying to alta after their one's lost a 7-5 7-5 match(which was rediculous. The guy(high up)...vp or something told me to my face that he spend 6 hours investigating our team. The two guys in the 5 & 5 match....myself and one other guy. I laughed at him initially about him investigating me until he asked me did I play in this money tourney(TVOC). I stopped laughing and said you are serious...he said he was dead serious. I laughed and told him that just because a guy plays in in a money tourney does't mean they teach. I'm a 4.0 usta player. I played the TVOC because it was cheaper to play and eat then to just watch and eat. The food is good and I like being able to eat without being questioned. lol The other two guys were 49 year old men at the time. I told him I think their real problem was the didn't like like having to come to our park and getting beat up on by the brothers and told him he wasted 6 hours of his life. lol He and I both laughed but it was kind of sad that they couldn't just take their @$$whipping like we did in the finals. We didn't make one phone
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