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Originally Posted by tennis_pr0 View Post
Yeah if you win one round, you get one point, one point puts you like 1500-1900 in the world.
Not quite; if you win a round in the main draw you'll pick up a point, but doing so involves either getting a wild card, or going through qualifying, where you're going to have to play at least one player who has a ranking, or at worst is a pretty good D1 player. And that's a best case scenario.
Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
All $10,000 Futures have a 128-draw qualifying tourney. The eight winners of the fourth round get entry to main draw. Sign-up is Thursday afternoon and the draw is made with seeding going to players based on ranking points. You do not need a national ranking to sign up and very rarely will anywhere close to the entire qualifying field have ATP points. Quite often, the 128-draw is not totally full but when there are more than 128 guys at sign-up, a random draw of non-ranked players is made to determine who the odd players out will be.

From my personal experience, the range of playing levels for qualifiers is very extreme. There are a lot of bagels and breadsticks scattered throughout the scoresheet for the first round. By "money day" (Monday is the R4 play day), you see the levels evening up and get some tight matches between seasoned players.
This post comes to closest to having the right info; not all 10K futures have 128-draw qualies, but those that are in tennis hotspots like Florida or California, you're going to be looking at a 4-round qualifier. Also, you don't NEED a national ranking to sign up, but not having one means you go to the very bottom of the list when it comes to selection. That means wild cards, then ATP points, then national ranking, then everyone else. As for the entire Q field having ATP points, it does happen; one week I played a 15k where the last seed in qualifying was ~400 in the world, and several of the main draw guys played in Las Vegas the next week. A few weeks later, Q's were relatively easy. What I'm getting at is that it depends on a large number of factors, and you can't really predict what it's going to be like. Levels in the field do vary, but the number of "bagels & breadsticks" is usually low, especially if you're in an area where the game is more popular, and even more especially if you're playing a group of 3 or 4 weeks in a row.

At the end of the day, I wish you luck, and I hope you have fun doing it, but honestly at your level you're going to have a tremendous struggle even in the qualies, especially if you're hoping to play these futures in the US. There are certainly futures events out there that are easy, and where people can sneak through to get a point or two, but none of them are held in North America. Not trying to be critical or negative, and as I said, I really do hope you have a good time, but I think it's very important for you to understand that you're going to come up against an entirely different level, even if you're lucky enough just to play guys who are cruising around in Div 1.
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