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Originally Posted by tennisaddict View Post
I am so happy seeing Memphis become a 250. Year after year it has been a hunting ground for the medium level players to rack up 500 points without playing top 10 talent.

If the 500's cannot get 2 top 10 players, then they should be relegated to 250 automatically.
Disagree. Hamburg pulls maybe one top 10 player at best same goes for Acapulco. Memphis has had two bad years, but in 2011 it pulled two top tenners (Roddick and Verdasco) same for 2010. 2009 it had 2 with Roddick and Del Potro. 2008 it had possibly 2 don't know Blake's exact ranking at the time. 2007 It pulled 2 as well Roddick and Haas. I mean yea it's had some weak draws, but I think it's same level as the Mexican Open. If it wasn't for the participation of Nadal in it this year it would be seen the same way as it has been. It's obvious Ferrer has only started playing there to get a free 500 points. I don't see the Rio event being any more popular and I sure as hell hope it isn't another clay 500.
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