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Originally Posted by droliver View Post
The game has changed significantly in terms of athleticism, style, technique, and tactics from when he was on top in the mid to late 1990's. This has been echoed by most of the peers of his generation (Agassi, Rafter, Chang, Martin).

A lot of the aggressiveness and gameplan that made him #1 would not be rewarded by the evolution of the game, and he showed little ability during his career to adapt to the kind of play he'd have to excel in to compete at the top. Compared to what the elite players bring to the court now, it seems that he would fall a little short
i agree that the game has significantly changed. the tactics and techniques for using PEDs have changed everything. it's much more prevalent today then back in the 90s. the top players now follow a strict doping program. due to PED usage, the top players' ability to recover quicker from matches has raised the bar for endurance, speed and athleticism.
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