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Originally Posted by Mahboob Khan View Post
A strange thing happened yesterday. I was playing against one of my Assistant Coaches. This boy is only 17 years of age. I am 63. I beat him first set 6/2, and in the second I am down 3-4 but I have a break point to level it 4-all. I hit a sizzling short cross-court winner but he somehow got to it and returned the ball back cross court, I hit a great down the line deep and I thought the point was mine but he got to it and returned it cross court (at this stage I decided not to wrong-foot him but rather make him run to enjoy the point), I took couple of steps back, got adjusted and hit a sizzling down the BH winner and moved forward but he somehow got to it and hit a great defensive lob which landed on my baseline, I sprinted back and reversed the ball back but he was at the net and tapped the ball for a drop shot winner. Instead of 4-all the score is now 3-5 down. At this point we got our coaching class so a comeback by me was pointless (I was out of breath also), and he won the second set 6/3.

Yes, tennis is a strange game and that's why we play it.
So you played 2 'winners' but the point was still live?
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