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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
My disc comes into it mid-point; Connors is making a BHV, with Newk on the baseline. Newk then makes a BH lob over his head; Connors runs back and throws up a FH sitter that Newk puts away with a FHV.

It looks to me like Connors, when he makes his BHV, has just come in behind his serve. So in my own stats I gave him a first serve.

If that's right it's 6 strokes in all.
Thanks man

So, first serve, probably return from backhand wing, 6 shots, Newk's winner with FHV on the net

Long rallyes were almost all the same , with Jimbo running back and forward and Newk sending great deep lobs from baseline

I will post my stats when I make them
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