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I like Dimitrov but it is yet to be seen if he can get close to Federer's skill level. Dimitrov is fun to watch and is playing better so far this year, but his game seems to be a little more based on power than Fed's. To me Fed's game is more fluid and varied. Federer strokes look more synchronous and coordinated than anyone I have ever seen. Dimitrov has a bigger frame and movement is an issue at times. Maybe, he drops 5 lbs and works hard on movement/balance to become the next Federer. But, I do appreciate the beauty of the 1 HBH and variety that Federer and Dimitrov bring to the game. Hopefully, Grigor can at least get to top 8 so we can watch some 1 HBH variety vs the slew of 2 HBH players out their.
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