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Default Volkl Organix 10 (325g), Previous Speed Pro and APDGT Lite String Advice

Hey all, wondering if someone could give me some quick advice on some string set ups. My local tennis shop is selling the above Volkl on sale, so I'm going to bite with my racketholic ways. Also want to restring some of my current sticks.

1. I'm interesting in trying the popular pro hybrid set up -- i.e., VS 17 on mains and poly crosses -- on my Volkl and Speed Pro.

a. What tension do you recommend for these frames with such a set up? I was thinking something like 54/52, or maybe lower.

b. As an alternative, if you think either of these might be better with a full poly set up I would be willing to run with a full bed of something like Solinco Tour Bite. Please let me know what you think.

2. My wife wants to try a more sophisticated string set up for her APDGT Lite. She currently has Xcel 17. Do you think I should set her up with a poly main, multi cross set up, or fully poly? Recommended tensions? I don't want her to experience arm issues. She is an advanced beginner.

Thanks for your help.
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