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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
Are there a few key exercises you folks can recommend for a 50 year old guy suffering from low back pain for about a year? Any specific do's and dont's?
Many years ago I played often with player who developed serious back pain. He was in his 30s. He went to see a Dr. The Dr treated him by having him do exercises. The exercises were painful and the general pain continued.

After about a year, he had imaging done on his back. The Dr then said that the exercises could not have helped his back problem and might even had made it worse.

He has not played since then.

If you have a slip-disc or other back problem doing exercises is risky. Find a well qualified Dr.

FYI - Link to back treatment for vertebrae osteoporosis. No personal experience but a player that I know says that his mother did very well with this procedure, kyphoplasty, performed on two different surgeries.

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