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Originally Posted by srvnvly View Post
1. Navigate to this page:

2. Scroll down to the Tennis Warehouse University Lab Review section

3. Wilson NXT 16 (default displayed for this review)
-Stiffness 174
-Energy Return 94
-Spin Potential 3.9

4. Compare Gosen OG Sheep Micro
-Stiffness 163
-Energy Return 93
-Spin Potential 3.2

5. Just for grins, compare X1B 17
-Stiffness 167
-Energy Return 94
-Spin Potential 2.1
this is yet another example where technology is for the worse. we have come so far that people get too caught up on the technical details of things. using your analogy, then h20 vs. say H20-C would be pretty simliar. i dont know any chemistry but i would dare say that one little C added on greatly changes the property and everything. but its only one letter! in your example stiffness is off by 10! thats not even close.

further more, when dealing with something very exact like string specs, a difference of say 2 in stiffness is probably huge. i dont know the ratio, but i imagine its something like a race, where 1second is huge.
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