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Originally Posted by Rjtennis View Post
Nole could have gone with anyone, I'm sure Uniqlo was just the best paying suitor. Just because they are not Nike doesn't mean he is not making huge Nike like money. What does the size of the company have to do with anything and Uniqlo is fairly large outside of the US I'm sure he got a huge signing bonus and got paid hefty termination fee with ST as well. Djokovic is doing very well! I'm not sure why you are trying to argue the point that he isn't.

ST just couldn't afford him over the long term, but he still got paid. There would have been lawsuits filed otherwise.
I read Fast Retailing's (uniqlo's parent co.) financial reports. Not even close compared to Nike. Guess what, Nike is also pretty big outside of the US too.

It's not about Djokovic doing well compared to an average player on tour looking for any sponsor money day in and day out. It's about his luck (and timing) when doing great in 2011 and yet got very little sponsor money compared to the others.
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