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Hi Deuce Bag -

One thing I noticed right away when hitting with this frame (and most open pattern frames) is that the ball pops off the string bed and takes a pretty high arc over the net. I think what comes next is a matter of both perception and adjustment.

Player A: Will see that high arc, and think that the racquet is just producing low powered fluffers that land short for the opponent to pounce on. If the player makes no stroke adjustment, the demo will probably end on a sour note with the idea that the racquet lacks power.

Player B: Will see the high arc over the net, and will adjust to that by closing the racquet face, which will create even more spin. Once the player sees that the ball is diving sharply down into the court, with several feet to spare, and has little fear of sending the ball deep, that's when the player might make another adjustment and will start to swing a little more freely and with more oomph. I think that second adjustment is where the magic is. When your technique opens up, and you are swinging freely with confidence, thats the golden zone right there.

I know what people mean when they say you cannot hit it deep. Balls seem to drop in that have no business dropping in. But yes you still can hit it deep. I've seen the racquet in the hands of 3.5 - 4.0 players who hit fairly flat, and this racquet seems not to matter much in that scenario. But in the hands of somebody with decent top to start with, the additional spin is easily noticeable.

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