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Originally Posted by tennisfan69 View Post
So Ash, if we take this in more general terms, in a college in a math Algebra class where there are 30 students sitting, does the teacher adapt the delivery of his teaching to meet 30 different students learning style?
why should this be any different in tennis when teaching the BASIC things?
My counter would be in your example of a maths class (that's right, it's Maths ) would be firstly, that is "teaching" and not "coaching" (before anyone asks, IMO teaching is the sharing of knowledge, the coaching is bringing about a permanent change of behaviour) and secondly, yes a good "teacher" should vary their delivery to meet the needs of their class. That might not mean 30 different styles, but it should mean explaining concepts in maybe 2 or 3 different ways to help ensure all major learning styles are covered.

To answer "why should this be any different in tennis when teaching the BASIC things" - the answer is simple, because it is much, much more effective coaching!

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