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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I tried that once a long time ago, but didn't pursue it long enough.

Recently, I am trying to incorporate proper breathing in every aspect of my life. I will try this again.

Do you exhale only through the nose or also through the mouth?
Mouth too I think. Most great players that I have seen hit or have hit with are somewhat loud on the exhale. It is a rhythm and focus thing as well as a way to remember to breathe.

If you start by taking in air when you are split stepping, you will see the rest comes naturally.

I learned this by sitting right on the court last year at the Sony tourny. I could hear breathing on off I would hear the player grunt quitly when the other player was hitting the ball. Thought it was echo, but the players were breathing in on opponent's contact and out on theirs.

Someone to check out is Ferrer. It is pretty easy to hear him do this.
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