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Rather than address several members posts point by point, I'll just leave it at we can choose to agree to disagree.

I will say that based on many of your comments, it sounds like many tennis players on your teams in the leagues you're a part of (ALTA, USTA, etc.) probably should NOT be playing league tennis and may be better suited mentatlity-wise for tournaments, where they do not have to personally sacrifice for the good of the league team.

I'll also add that when a captain complains about captaining a team and views it as a chore, perhaps it's time for a captain to step down and pass on the reigns to someone with more zest and positivity for the job.

When I join a league team (ALTA, USTA, etc.) this year, my captain can be assured that I will do what he asks of me (short of compromising my principles, i.e. I will NOT intentionally cheat) for the betterment of the team.

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