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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
That's a common refrain as of late. This actually has been tried by a number of posters over the years here, dating back to TravelerAJM's experiments in 2008-2009 I think. None of those early, or more recent experiments have proved successful. The trouble is that skipping every other cross creates a very soft string bed, so much so, the racquet has to be strung extremely tight, in the high seventies to get any kind of predictable rebound response. Thats the same road Mark Woodforde went down 30 years ago, with his super high tensions, (hence the name Snauwert Hi Ten) requiring super fat string. Wilson has created a frame that allows the mains to slide freely at more typical typical tension ranges.

I'm thinking if you get some 15L poly and string it relatively tight in a 100 or smaller head the results wouldn't be THAT far off from the 99S. Maybe put in some prince tournament nylon and grease it up before stringing.

Of course 15 vs 10 crosses is significant, but it's the same idea...if you use the thickest strings available it might de-mush the string bed.

But yes, I think Wilson is definitely doing some pioneering here. Others will follow suit shortly I assume.
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