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On the X10 325, if you have never used a Volkl prepared to get used to the grip shape. Once dialed in thought, this stick is great!!! I do not know about a VS 17/Poly setup.....but have tried plenty All Poly's and Poly/Syn Gut setups. For me, I prefer the hybrid of Poly/Syn Gut in this racquet. It gives it the best "feel" of the ball, which is a complaint about this racquet from some. With all poly, I could not get that "feel".

Again, for me, my favorite setup and tension in this racquet is BHBR mains at 48 and Goshen Sheep crosses at 54. Cheap I know....but I'm telling you, I have great results with it!

Another thing with this racquet....SWING FAST AND HARD! You'll get the best results outta it....
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