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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
How do you accidentally win something on e-bay?
Oops! I accidentally signed in, searched on something, clicked on a result, entered in a price, then clicked 'confirm', then clicked 'confirm' again!
Damn I hate when that happens

Was it the demo model for $90, 4 3/8 grip, item #390542218303?
Mclovin +1

I may be living in the "union" according to tennis monkey, but I was thinking the same thing. From now on I'm all about accidents.

- "officer I accidentally went 120mph"
- "usta I accidentally self rated at 5.0. "
-" fund manager, I accidentally put too much money on a dud stock, please refund me"
-" I accidentally fell on your girlfriend several times and can't find my pants"
-"bartender I accidentally have been ordering top shelf vodka all night. I meant the cheap stuff. Please bill me accordingly".
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