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Just looked at some teams ranked in the 30s resumes and Clemson has a far better one than many of them.

For instance UNC Wilmington is 39 and has 1 win over #53 team and a loss to #11. the rest unranked wins.

Santa Clara #37. 2 wins over #38. Losses to 21, 24 and 50.

Boise State at 38, Win over 44, 5 losses to teams in the 30-45 range and one to #13.

Indiana at 32. Wins over 59 and 61. 4 losses to teams ranked ahead of them and one to #34.

So what this shows is that when the computer rankings come out Clemson should make a significant jump into the 30's or even low 20's even if we lose to Auburn friday.

Hell even Baylor at 18. win over #69, loss to 17 and 4 unranked wins.

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