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And here, we come right back to the PLAYER preference and his specific needs for his physiology, no matter what you would like to think otherwise.
My best illustration. PREDATOR. Do you think any of the other guys besides Jesse and Arnold could have carried a minigun?
Would Jessie be happy toting a MP-5 in 9mm?
Wouldn't the Indian guy be better served with a bow and a spear?
Back to specific tennis, whilch is easier for you to understand....
Say....BIG SHOW. What racket would you give him? A 10oz fly swatter or maybe a 14 oz real man's racket?\
How about ...,PeeWeeHerman? Would you arm him with a 14 oz flexi flyer, or would you give him a 9.6 oz stiff modern racket?
YOU CANNOT isolate the specifics of the player out of this equation!!!
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