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Originally Posted by mongting View Post
So, from the link, the advantage of plus(longer) racket is only for the serve when you hit it near the tip . You get less rebound power than shorter racket. Is this a right statement?
Hi Mongting -

Yeah, that's kind of confusing. I had to re-read that section 3 times the first time I read it for it to sink in properly. Here is the key quote about racquet length and rebound power.

Quote: "There is a simple reason that long racquets have a smaller RP. In order for a long racquet to have the same swingweight as a short racquet, weight has to move out of the head and relocated closer to the handle. Since RP is determined mainly by weight in the head, a long racquet must therefore have a smaller RP than a short racquet (at any given swingweight)."

Link [2] Raw Racquet Power, By Rod Cross

Here is my translation of that quote.


Racquet A: has a sw of 320, and is 27 inches.
Racquet B: has a sw of 320, and is 28 inches.
Then Racquet B must have less mass in the head of the frame.

Remember that sw is measured by clamping the racquet into the the RDC machine at 10 cm (about 4 inches up on the grip) and is rotated around that axis. So a 28 inch frame gets a boost in sw not from more mass in the head, but from the length of the frame. If you took a 27 inch frame with a 320 sw, and added another inch to it by sliding the buttcap down, you'd increase the swingweight dramatically (about 10 units for every 1/4 inch or so) with the end result of a racquet in the 360 range. So to get that back down to 320, you'd have to shift a bunch of mass out of the head, and back into the handle. That's why it's not uncommon to see extended length frames with balances of -16 points.

Bottom Line: If two racquets are identical sw, and one is longer, the longer frame usually has less mass in the business end of the stick.

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