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Originally Posted by omega4 View Post
I'll also add that when a captain complains about captaining a team and views it as a chore, perhaps it's time for a captain to step down and pass on the reigns to someone with more zest and positivity for the job.
I view it as a chore because it IS a chore.

I am an unpaid volunteer. I put in a lot of hours to captain a team. There is no question that it is work. (One thing that makes the work more difficult is players who have never captained yet think they have all the anwers.)

Nevertheless, I keep doing captaining. Why? In my case, the main reason is so that I know I will be able to play on league tennis team that is run the way I think league tennis teams should be run. Then when I play on teams captained by others, I can be chill about it. I've no need to second-guess my captain, as my whole season is not invested in how they run their team.

The secondary reason is that I cannot be sure us friends could stay together if I stopped captaining. The team might split up, which would deprive all of us of playing opportunities, perhaps.

The final reason is that some folks are not cut out for captaining, but some folks are. I am a pretty organized person and can handle captaining, so I might as well do it since it doesn't take a toll on me the way it does for some other people who do not handle running the show very well.

There's some insight for you, should you ever decide to join a team or try to captain. FWIW, I decided to captain a team as a 2.5 beginner who had never played a tennis match before. Your long layoff does not disqualify you from captaining if you think you can handle it.
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