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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
I was waiting for someone to bring up Camden.
It's the gleaming 500 lb. civic gorilla shining in the corner - how could such a gloriously incandescent metropolis not come to the forefront of any discussion having a "municipal" bent to it?

Philadelphia to Chicago: "hey 'Big Shoulders' .... we got our own Gary!"

(sidebar to heycal): I believe the Dutchess denizens refer to Newburgh as Camden-on-Hudson. Me? I only wish Camden was not located right across the Delaware River from Philly but directly across the Potomic River from Washington, D.C. .... and let the parasitic cocktail party crowd on Capitol Hill (from both sides of the aisle) get a good in-your-face look at the urban failures they cultivate, perpetuate and then flat out ignore in favor of some special interest, agenda-driven "more important" social issue. (all camden kidding aside, don't get me started - allowing these ghost cities to exist is a national disgrace). end of rant.
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