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Originally Posted by julian View Post
Does Nadal double handed backhand better that one of Djokovic?

If yes why?
I'd argue that Djokovic has a better 2hbh than Nadal, but that's only from casual observation and I have no statistics to back it up, and I'm not sure the difference is simply a matter of form. I believe that Nadal tends to close the racket face more in the takeback than does Djokovic, or at least at the end of the takeback. Do you know of any sources with hard data on Djokovic and Nadal from match play? I think it is only a matter of time before we can get good computer data from something like shot-tracker that IBM used to provide at big tournaments.

Julian, I don't know about the length of the swing in milliseconds (doesn't that depend on how hard the person is swinging, or am I misinterpreting your question?). Are you getting these measurements from high speed video?
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