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Victoria Azarenka the Bellowing Belarusian. She's a bad girl.

(sidebar to max):
max, you voted Jeter?!! - I know there's been a lot of Yankee-bashers who've been just waiting, praying, dying for this guy to mess up. Believe me, the guy just "gets it" as far as being a pro. Young, handsome, absurdly rich with the world on a string and yet you never see or hear anything untoward about him in the media being a screwup. The guy is just, well, he's just a solid, no b.s. dude. Heard a story on the local (NY) radio the other day from a guy Michael Kay who does Yankee games on the Yes Network.

Kay relayed a story about Jeter being in the locker room last year and Reggie Jackson was talking to some reporters or whomever off the record and Jackson made some greasy comment about "women" and then said: "right Jete?" to have Jeter affirm his 'wolf' comment. Jeter didn't take the bait and instead went about his business and didn't even look at Jackson. This came on the heels of newly acquired 3B/1B Kevin Youkalis who (without thinking) said just last week: "I'll always be a Red Sock."

Kay's point was that Jeter's character is such that he "gets it" and exhibits very mature discretion when it comes to what he does and says.

on-topic: Victoria Azarenka. I bet she's doing something wrong right now.

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