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Originally Posted by Dete7 View Post
Hello im going to a trip and im thinking of taking a babolat aeroline 9 bag with me, but I have to put it in the hold, cargo, whatever u call that luggage holder under the plane where u put all the big baggages lol. But yeah anyway, is there a possibility that the rackets inside the bag will brake? Should i just leave the rackets and the bag at home? How do u carry your rackets in plane trips with u? Thanks for the answer already and sorry if this is in a wrong kategory.
More than a few threads on this - but for just about anywhere in the world you can carry on your racket bag and racquets and stick in the overhead - I travel multiple times per month and always with a 12 pack full.

You can quickly check online depending on your country of origin and its prohibited items list - look at your countries govt pages and you will see in the aviation security section (they all have them now) a list of items you cannot carry on board.
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