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Default 16x10 string pattern, textured poly and smooth poly, a whole lot of fun this week.

So I wanted to try the 16x10 string pattern on my 16x19 racquet, courtesies to TWU for the idea. I've strung it with Black Mamba Gear 17g in the mains at 60lbs and in the crosses I put in a used set of Solinco Tour Bite 16g at 65lbs. The reason behind using a used set of Tour Bite was because I needed the most stiff string that I could possibly get, strung at a high tension to prevent warping of the head.

Stringing was very easy, only took half the time it would usually take because the crosses were halved. When I finished stringing, the mains were very loose and the crosses were very tight. I tried tapping the racquet against my hand and it felt like it was strung at the low 50lb range. I used the string tension app to measure it's tension, it read approximately 67.6lbs, though I could only use 16x16 as the string pattern setting(the lowest the developer put in). I left it over night and saw that the tension on the racquet felt like it increased a little, now it felt like it was strung at the mid 50's. The racquettune app read 63.9lbs.

It feels very promising, I'll post my findings probably on Thursday and maybe a video during the weekend showing my shots with a 16x19 racquet strung at 63lbs and this bad boy.


Forgot to mention the racquet, I used a old Prokennex Ceramic Challenger 90 to test this. I might try my dunlop 200 tour if this goes well.
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