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Quote from Quinzi’s Wikipedia page “Initially Quinzi applied himself to Alpine skiing, gaining a second place in the championships of the Trentino-Alto Adige; but at seven years old, after leaving other sports as well, he focused his efforts primarily on tennis. At the age of 8 he was noticed by the talent scout Nick Bollettieri who offered him a scholarship to his academy.”

I am going to guess that if he had actually won an Alpine Skiing championship at age 6 and 7 he would have put that in his Wiki page instead of he came in second. Not something you really forget.

Because the article says at seven he quit other sports to focus on tennis I kind of believe that more than your “if we say he started tennis only at age 8”. I am going to continue to speculate that if he was deciding between skiing and tennis he must have put some significant work into tennis and was good enough to pick that over skiing. This is all before the age of 7.

Because the article says he was found by a talent scout and given a scholarship to IMG I am going to believe he was pretty good tennis player at age 8 and Nick does not give a lot of scholarships to people who “had played tennis before” instead of your “His family had lots of money and they brought him to IMG."

Just so you know 7 + 10 = 17

Give me a break.
I know you have been critical of me and DB but it has always been with and honest , educated and also common sense mixed in , but where you have my respect is you do your homework , you listen well , this allows you to punch holes in TCF's story's that are made up as they go , I hope you keep this throughout your life instead of just believing what someone says, Facts are important !!!
Its like when we vote because we "think" this is the guy that is for the people and we see 5 yrs later the prices of gas are killing the common man , yet one fact remains when Bush left office gas was a 1.87 a gallon so I ask do the fact show he is really for the people ??
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