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Originally Posted by Buford T Justice View Post
Probably a good assessment. If one had Nadals swingspeed, probably no need for this frame.

I would say though that even strong topspin hitters will notice a difference. I have alot of trouble flattening out a ball (and rarely do it) and this frame still makes my shots better. Those few extra rpm are just enough. If I was already hitting 5000 rpm, then 5200 probably wouldnt matter. But (and I am guessing here) that the average rec player who hits what would be called "heavy topsin" is maybe 2000-2500 rpm????, and therefore 200 rpm increase is noticed.

Now, rec players can probably exceed those rpm numbers, but at the expense of significant pace, as there is only so fast we can swing the racquet reliably.
Federer averages around 2500 rpm.....
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