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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Think about it like this. If you want to keep something closed, then you need something either incredibly strong, or, something which can sustain a load elastically. If you're trying to keep the trunk of your car closed, then you could either use cord to tie it closed (the former case) OR you could use bungee cords (the latter). Naturally, like with tennis string, both cords are made of the same material (say, Nylon), only one is elastic. Now, the former is inherently going to be stiffer, but you rarely see this in favor of bungee cord. The reason is because since the bungee cord is elastic and resilient, it can store energy in it which increases the strength of the length of cord as long as you don't push it to fatigue and then failure. That length here is the crucial bit. The length of elastic cord needed is going to be much shorter than the equivalent rope needed to keep your trunk closed.
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Ah thanks for clearing it up, the bungee cord example makes sense.
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