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Hi anubis,

I'm seeing 4 versions of the APD.

1. Yellow and Black APD Cortex, 67 ra, sw 324
2. Yellow and Black APD GT, 70 ra, sw 331
3. Black and Yellow APD 69ra, sw 316
4. The Older Dark Grey and Yellow APD, 67 ra, sw 324

Which one do you have? Also what is your string and tension?


Ashley -

Yeah cool, your post #50 is a bit over simplified, but it's mostly correct. There's a little bit of difference in power with a stiff frame at the very tip and towards the very bottom of the stringbed, but when you hit the center of the strings, the stiffness of a frame makes little or no difference with regards to rebound power.

By the way, I'm going off line till late tonight. My models are done rendering... back to the world that has nothing at all to do with tennis racquets. (frowny face)

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