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BB, let’s say you prove us all wrong and in 5 years DB is ranked 10th for all 21 year olds. Today’s 10th ranked 21 year old is Matthew Barton with an ATP rank of #240. Last year he played 28 tournaments all over the world. His prize money for those 28 tournaments was $10,709

How are you going to fund DB’s living, training, and travel expenses for the next …. What …. At least 7 years before he is break even? My expectation is he will need at least 3 years of combined training / ATP touring before you are ready to go full time on the circuit. He will need to have all of the weapons, tactics and strategies before you commit to full time travel / circuit.

You are going to need one of two things … a really big bankroll … or a way to get some help with expenses.

I understand you are fully committed to a touring pro result. If you did decide to go the D1 Baylor route it would be for help with the expenses during the training period. I personally don’t think there is time enough in the day for a D1 Baylor player to major in a “useful” degree like BSCS or BSEE. ( my opinion only and I know of some exceptions) So it would be specifically to defray costs.

Have you run the numbers? I have a friend who thinks he could have made it in pro tennis except his dad just ran out of money. I am sure it happens to many people and with the increased time to mature and break in I think it will happen to more and more.

Think about it carefully, there are pros and cons to any approach. If he takes longer to develop than you are planning you could end up in the wrong place.
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