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Originally Posted by Clemson_tennis View Post
Elon beat #20 D3 Washington & Lee 7-0
Let's analyze the lineups.

1. Cameron Silverman, junior, 5-star recruit.
2. Robert Lindgren, freshman from Sweden.
3. Jordan Kaufman, sophomore, 4-star recruit.
4. Brian Kowalski, sophomore, transfer from Emory, 3-star recruit (but final ranking was #151, 4-star territory)
5. Carlos Arboleda, senior from Colombia.
6. Ismael Delfin, freshman from Mexico.

Don't know how to evaluate the three foreign recruits, because they don't get stars at TRN, but we have some idea of their strength based on their lineup position and the American players who surround them. I would guess that Lindgren was high 4-star quality, maybe borderline 5-star, and don't know how to guess at the #6 freshman.

Washington & Lee:
1. Hayden White, senior 4-star
2. Taylor Shamshiri, sophomore 4-star
3. Michael Holt, freshman 1-star
4. Christopher Hu, sophomore unranked (3-star in 8th grade, 2-star in 9th/10th, must have stuck to high school tennis after that)
5. Brian Krouskos, freshman 3-star
6. John Kirby, freshman 2-star

Looks like a pretty young roster, and the star ratings don't tell me that they should win any matches against Elon. It does not seem like any magic Division I fairy dust needs to settle on the Elon players to make them the favorites.

Top 4 singles matches were straight-set wins for Elon. 5/6 were three-set wins, match tiebreaker at 5.

So, I guess the important question is: When the TRN rankings favor the D-III school, does the magic Division I fairy dust cause the 1-star and 2-star players to rise up and beat Emory et al.? For example, if Morgan State, with former 1-star and 2-star players at 3-4-5 in the lineup, played Washington and Lee, which is only #20 in the D-III rankings, what would we expect?
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