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Originally Posted by goldy0084 View Post
Clark, you are totally correct, but I don't think that's what the OP implied or what many people were echoing on here. I am hearing two completely different arguments-- The first is obviously hogwash, that ANY d1 would beat a d3. Anyone with half a brain knows this is an absurd statement.
Agreed, it was not the original poster who was making the absurd argument, but others have persisted in making it.

My point is that the TRN rankings are a pretty good guide to expected results. Most D-I programs have better recruits than most D-III programs, and most D-I programs therefore should beat most D-III programs. At a certain point in the D-I rankings, the D-I program should beat EVERY D-III program, because their recruits were higher-ranked than EVERY opponent in the lineup, even at Emory, CMS, etc. Maybe the #1 at CMS is better than the #6 at the 100th best D-I program, but that is not how they line up in a dual match.

The only point in refuting the absurd argument is that some people apparently need to be made aware that there are a few dozen D-I programs that offer no scholarship money, and they are less of an academic attraction than the top D-III programs, so with no scholarships at either program, the D-III is more of an attraction to 4-star players. Therefore, the good D-III can be expected to beat the non-scholarship D-I team.
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