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Thumbs up nice clips OP-thx

Originally Posted by snapple View Post
Their match at the 87 US Open was truly epic. It seemed like each point was on Mecir's racket as you never knew where his next shot was going. Alas, Mats just outlasted him with sheer will, smarts and relentless retrieving like he did so many others in his illustrious career.
Originally Posted by slowfox View Post
That 88 USO final was so memorable. I've been watching the 88 AO vs Cash too. Wilander's passing shots were incredible.
Great AO Mats-Cash references snap & slow. At the AO Cash the home favorite was was holding serve with ease while Mats had to battle to hold his in that last 8-6 set. Mats was like a stuboorn little dog with a towel in his mouth who just wouldn't let go even though he was getting swung around back and forth by Cash's pressuring S&V and chip-and-charge tennis. Finnally he broke Cash and that was the match.

As for Mecir, what a mover! Unfortunately his 2nd serve could totally collapse at times. What beautiful movers these two were. Mecir, like Edberg was a guy who could cover the court like nobody's business .... and make it look so effortless.
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