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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
I had a guy stringing it at our annual club tournament and he knows I'm a stringaholic. He said "Come over here and feel how sharp Tour Bite is". I felt it and was thinking man I'd hate to have to work with that stuff!
Yeah, it's pretty much the only string at the tournament that gave me physical pain. One or two here and there, no problem. Having to string many 18x20s with the stuff... not as fun. I'm curious how soft this stuff actually is. From the product page, it's still a co-poly, I was wondering if it "felt" more like a coated syn gut. I have a buddy who says he'll be ordering some soon, so I'll see if I can't grab a scrap set just to "feel" what this one is really like. I'm not hitting much at the moment, so it's not a very time critical curiosity of mine
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