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Ha....justinmadison, I yield to you on this one, man...I thought I was the one here who held onto something like a pit bull. Ok, start the clock on Quinzi at age 7, lets see where he is at age 19 then.

Not sure who contributed to the Wikipedia page. All I know is we took one of his uncles, who spoke excellent English by the way, out for pizza, out fishing....and had numerous conversations about the boy. His mother's first love, and his, was skiing.

But whatever....start him at age 7 or 8, does not matter. His results were screaming by age 14, and continued standing out at 16 when he was # 1 ITF and ranked ATP.

Heck, start the clock when the kid was 3-5 if you age 15-17 his results were on par with the other money making pros at the same age. He passes the sniff test of a guy with a solid chance to make money in tennis, no matter how you slice it.

You nailed it though with your post about funding. The 2 options to stay on tour long enough to get through the back door are either family money or sponsor's money.
One of his uncles ? as always "hear-say" someone else's info they pass on to you and you type it as though it is gold !!!
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