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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
NO to full poly with a tender arm.
Haha - too late Mikeler! He's been using full poly for 2-1/2 years plus another year of kevlar/poly hybrid! Of course, he hasn't always played 1-2 matches EVERY DAY for 3 years...just last 2. So...I wonder where that tender arm came from huh?? haha

McLovin, I said to Downs earlier this afternoon that he should string the Pacific up at 54/51.5 or 53.5/51 gut poly hybrid. So today, after happy hour with Downs (before his 10pm match), I picked up one of his Bab PSGT- (get it? haha) to string it up and let him try a hybrid of Pacific Classic 17 at 57/54.5 Lux 1.22.

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