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Default Update: Discho Big Blue 1.20 @ 30/30

So far after 6h of hitting time (4h doubles + 2h singles) I felt some arm stiffness for a short while afterwards but no real problem. Playability has remained the same, although I have also had some problems with serving after my first time out – mainly hitting a lot of them long – need to make some adjustments there.

Summarizing Pro’s and Con’s of this low tension setup (30lbs Discho BB 1.20 and Dunlop 200 Tour + vibration dampener):

Significantly increased sweet spot (using bounce test)
Increased dwell time / better cupping
More spin
Better control
Slightly more Power
Unique feel? (personal preference)
Longer playability ? (not a definite yet)
Reduced harshness? (not a definite yet)

Some stroke adaptation required – mainly with the serve
Muted sound? (personal preference)
Unique feel? (personal preference)

Overall, I liked playing at 30 lbs tension – but I am still a little worried about my arm, I am not sure if the stiffness I am feeling when playing the above setup is leftover from a couple of weeks ago or is due to the current setup. So maybe I will have to take a rest and then try a few softer polys to see how they play. IMO a very interesting and worthwhile experiment – when summer arrives and I can really get out and try a few different setups I will know for sure if this the way t go for me.

Here are some tension measurements as well. I download some frequency files and measure the frequency of my racquet bed by ear -- then calculate the tension of an average string ca. 10.5 in. Wt/L = 0.0000863 lbs/in.

0h 430 hz = 18.2 lbs
14h no playing 420 hz = 17.4 lbs
24 h no playing +1h S 395 hz = 15.4 lbs
5.0 h (+4h D) 395 hz = 15.0 lbs
6.0 h (+1h S) 395 hz = 15.0 lbs
Dunlop 300 tour - Pro's Pro Plus Power 1.18 @ 37lbs.
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