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Originally Posted by JPW View Post
Yea, I have a theraband. I hope to start using it more once I get completely pain-free if the doctor thinks it is best. I hit with a ProKennex Ki5 (very arm friendly) with all natural gut strung at 59#. I've got to believe the issue is not the racquet or strings, it must be my technique. I sure wish I could figure out with the culprit is in my swing (probably plenty of problems).
texas orthopedic hospital on main in the medical center is world class. many great doctors that specialize on the arm. Deep tissue massage on the arm has worked for me several times. A really good masseuse will find bad trigger points and hurt you but help you. 59# is kind of high on your string tension. Maybe you could drop it some. I have gone from 55 to 51 and now down to 47. lower tension really helped me. good luck.
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