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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
What is so great about depleting own resources and polluting the air? If you want to pollute anyway, it is better to buy from others and deplete them first. Sure it is more expensive, but that is the incentive to go for alternate sources. US has enough shale oil reserves for the next 100 years, while the Middle East is preparing for a post-oil economy. Republicans are just mouthpieces for oil and couldn't care less about clean air or alternative sources or climate change. They are essentially controlled by the Texas powers and their international friends who cannot think beyond waging wars for oil. Any economic "gain" by these stupid actions and "$500 tax refunds" is nullified by large scale manipulation of the financial markets and the cost of war creating one more generation of poorer people.
I tend to agree and was not arguing for more use of fossil fuels - just simply pointing out that BB's claim of why gas prices are high was just completely wrong.
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