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Man you are really making me waste my time! You have little to no intimate knowledge of any of these players..that probably extends to most college teams. Tennis Recruiting offers a decent system, but it has its flaws. Amanda Mcdowell was a 4star. She had a just decent career at GT...oh yeah, she won an individual singles and team ncaa title. Some kids who are 1 stars have played very few tournaments, but are very good. What would the Williams sisters' tr ranking be? Wait, they didn't play usta and turned out ok.

Morgan state would not blow away Wl but would beat them 100%. Evan Ward who has played 4 beat Fauchet from Richmond who pre senior year tank, was like 3 time first team A10 playing 1 and 2 for them. Duk park is by far their best player, but gets stacked lower. He beat Mcloskey from Vcu who is playing 1 dubs and would win D3 ncaas in singles. Borodkin was top 400 itf. The other Ward is not great, but athletic and can bluff his way through matches against decent d1 players.
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