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Originally Posted by droliver View Post
It is a complete revisionist history to try and call the Sampras forehand one of the greats. He could really give it a rip, but it was not a super versatile stroke. It was a good kill-shot, but it was something that could be worked over and broken down. A career of (relative) futility on the dirt kneecap the idea that he was GOAT-worthy off the ground. He had a stroke that worked well within the context of his game, but one that would suffer a lot against the better players today.

I don't think there's a player on tour who would take the Sampras' shot over those Novak or Murray (or Nadal, Federer, Soderling, Berdych FWIW). Those guys can do anything with the shot in a way that Pete could not with his grips
You make a good point. Berdych and Soderling are tied for the greatest forehand in the history of the sport, and Novak and Murray are very close. These are really versatile strokes, but what amaze me more is how consistent and solid these shot are. They can attack and attack again with it and they will never miss, whoever in the other side of the net!

I think over posters in this thread compare the best forehand Sampras ever showed with the very average forehand of Berdych, Murray or Nole day in day out: it the only reason I can see for their blindness to the superiority of any current player's forehand to Sampras soso forehand.

I would also add that Sampras serve is overrated too. Nole's serve is really the best, as shown in the AO final.
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