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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I've been regripping and overgripping rackets since 1974, and at least hundreds for shop customers.
Never had a problem with a grip coming loose. Not one customer ever complained about a grip coming loose.
I don't know.
Where was it mentioned about a grip coming loose? Youve mentioned your eyesight problems before Lee

My tip was with regards to the bit of double sided tape on the tapered beginning part of a racket grip. To get a better start to re-gripping, I used a fresh piece of double-sided tape and it made the start considerably better and neater than with just the tape that was originally on the grip.

It was only to help out and give people an idea, if they wanted to try it for themselves, that was all.

If you haven't got anything positive to add or just feel the need to make negative swipes when someone is just trying to help in a positive way then write your posts elsewhere. I'm sorry to have a go, because you do know I respect your views and knowledge, but your comment serves no purpose whatsoever, in what is supposed to be a thread to help people out.
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