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Originally Posted by liam1 View Post
Have this racket with cyclone mains and wilson sensation crosses at 52lbs. Feels great but an going to try gut mains and msv co focus crosses in my next string job. BTW NoQuarter i see that you have your crosses strung tighter than your mains. Can you please explain the theory behind this set up and wheather i should do likewise with my next setup. Thanks in advance.
In their case the cross is strung higher because they are using a poly main which should be strung approx. 10% looser than you would normally string a syn gut or multi. Their hybrid uses the syn gut in the cross so they strung that a little tighter.

With a natty gut main and a poly cross you can string with an even greater delta of higher tension mains to tame the natty gut and to soften a stiff poly string cross.

For full bed of poly I string the cross string about 2 or 3 lbs. looser and find I appreciate the feel of that string bed more than one tension for both.

I am hybriding poly and syn gut currently in my C10 Pro and stringing the crosses 4 lbs. tighter than the mains.

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