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Originally Posted by dman72 View Post
I'm thinking if you get some 15L poly and string it relatively tight in a 100 or smaller head the results wouldn't be THAT far off from the 99S. Maybe put in some prince tournament nylon and grease it up before stringing.

Of course 15 vs 10 crosses is significant, but it's the same idea...if you use the thickest strings available it might de-mush the string bed.

But yes, I think Wilson is definitely doing some pioneering here. Others will follow suit shortly I assume.
You don't need to skip EVERY other cross, skip 3 or 4 crosses in the center. Use a stiff, 93-98 sq in racket. The Yamaha Secret 04 would be about ideal but there are other rackets with dense patterns and high RAs out there. Skipping crosses has been done for as long as tennis has been played.

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