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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
aloha, you are a veteran now buddy! You certainly know by now this old BB trick. Write a long post giving all sorts of provocative information, and at the end say "but thats not the discussion here so lets move on" or "not going to get into that here". Meanwhile, he made all his points.

Tricky debating 101....get your side out but cut off the response with a dismissal of what the topic should be.
The topic is how serious we are "USA" when out trainer cor the US Davis cup is providing loads of candy and our players are munching gobs of it during the Davis cup matches and struggle to beat and inferior Brazilian team and all the "higher educated" say the Brazilians were playing high level tennis and the guys with common sense say the American got to get away from this attitude that its a party and get rid of the candy and cake during the matches ! So TCF what is the subject ?
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