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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
Jeter is class because he acts with class on the field - he doesn't act like a bad-boy, doesn't get into arguements with his manager, the opposing team, or the umpire, shuts his mouth and puts up numbers (which is what he's paid to do) and off the field - he takes no BS from the New York media, never was in the paper for the wrong reasons (partying too hard, etc..), donates a good amount of money to charitable causes and is a mainstay at various charitable events in the Tri-State area. He keeps his mouth shut, works hard, serves as a good role model and mentor to younger players, and delivers the goods he's paid for. He doesn't act like a spoilt child, doesn't use the media to call out teammates publically and doesn't get into hissy-fit games of he-said-she-said like some athletes do these days. I.E, he has class, so he is class.
Couldn't have said it any better. Nice job Nick.

Originally Posted by PSNELKE View Post
Jeter? - no
MJ? - no way in hell
Fed - Nope
Rafa - Nah

There has to be some other idiot.
Agreed. I guess that only leaves us with Azarenka.

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