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Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
yea downs full poly is no good. i think monkey told me if i went full poly to do 40lbs.
i'm too used to full's been hard to change...

Originally Posted by PaulMan View Post
Hey Downs, how was your dubs match after 4 beers?!?? Haha
haha...definitely didn't have 4 beers -- but it went was just:

Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
Well, I have some Co. Focus and Focus Hex Soft we could trade. I believe we talked about some 4G you had?

Also, I have a line on Pacific Classic that comes to ~ $24 per set if interested.
we shall see...your setup was really sweet! paulman suggested timo in the crosses, so i'll give that a try for now...hmm, i don't have any more 4g -- maybe we were talking about trading for some luxilon fluoro? i have one set of pacific classic now to try...i'll put half of it in my pure storm tour, and the other in the pacific...and compare and many hours do you get out of your gut / poly setup?
"Hey! There were Skittles in there!"
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