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Originally Posted by g4driver View Post
unstrung specs

I asked him about the stiffness describing my disappointment with so many frames from many companies, including Prince and Wilson that measure over 65 RDC.

I told him that I had purchased Prince O3 White, EXO White, Exo Black and a few Wilson and Babolat Frames and my arm just keep saying "no thanks"

Told him I think, a more flexible frame will provide the added control a very open pattern like a Wilson Steam 99S needs. That was Prince's logic as well. He mentioned the two pros using the frame now and was very excited with their results.

I didn't ask about the Swingweight, but I plan to add about 16-18 grams of lead to get the static weight up to roughly 336 - 338 grams. The stock frame is 300 grams.

So 300+15 grams (strings) and 5 grams (overgrip) = 320 grams with strings.

The Swingweight can be tweaked with lead, so I am looking forward to hitting with this frame.
Did he mention who the two pros are?
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